What do you do?

I'm primarily a mentalist.

As a mentalist, I demonstrate things like
telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance, and precognition.

What types of Events Can You Do?

Here are a few suggestions for shows, both personal and corporate.


Birthday parties (recommended ages 16+)

Holiday parties

Wedding receptions

Family reunions

Block parties

Graduation parties

Senior All Night Parties


City festivals and events

Corporate holiday parties

Short motivational meetings

Employee / Volunteer appreciation parties

Ribbon cuttings and Booth promotion

Specialty or Themed shows

If you'd like to find out more about types of shows I do,
click here, or call me at (248) 804 - 4530

How are you different from other entertainers that I might hire?

Mentalism is unique. It's not often seen in live shows.

Some forms of entertainment can have a more "passive" audience.
The audience doesn't have to pay attention, and the performer
doesn't really have to interact with anyone.

With good mentalism, however, the audience MAKES the show.

Beyond that, it often comes down to what kind of entertainment
you want, and the character of the performer.

I don't know any professional entertainers who claim to be all things to all audiences.

Where do you perform?

I primarily do performances in Michigan, though I'm branching out to other states across the US.
If you have any questions about the possibility of having me entertain, and you're not in Michigan,
call me at (248) 804 - 4530, or click here: CONTACT DAVID.

Are there any Travel fees?

If you have any questions about
possible travel costs, you can reach me at (248) 804 - 4530.

What's the process? How do I hire you?

1) Call David at (248) 804-4530 2) I will call or email you, and we can discuss the event and what you're looking for.

3) If we can work together, I'll send a simple performance agreement, and we set up the event.

4) Once the signed agreement is returned (with a small retainer), we're basically all set!

I'll see you at the event!

How far in advance should I hire you?

On average, the more time I have to prepare for your show, the better.

Also, the earlier we can work together, the more likely it is that I am available on the date requested.

Is there a retainer?

I currently charge a small non refundable retainer.

This amount would be subtracted from the total cost of the performance,
the rest being due the day of the performance.

Is there a contract?

A small performance agreement is required.

This is mainly to avoid miscommunications about venue location, start time, prep time, etc.

What if I need to cancel?

Please let me or know if there will be a cancellation AS SOON as you are aware of the change in plans.
Every attempt should be made by both parties to RESCHEDULE.

If you have any questions, please call me at (248) 804-4530.

Are there any requirements?

I do ask that the performance area that is both safe and well lit.

For shows that require a microphone (usually for audiences with over 75 people),
I would request a microphone set up in advance.

For my shows, I ask that everyone in the audience is over the age of 15.

Please feel free to discuss any additional technical concerns you might have:

David McCall
Call: (248) 804 - 4530